Maurice and I


Maurice and I

December 22, 2011

Late that afternoon the grocery store where we were shopping for many years was still very busy as I was putting all our purchases on the counter belt. As the familiar lady at the check out counter was scanning or weighting our groceries, I mentioned to her she looked particular happy to work at the store.

Ah, was her reply, she just had two days off. It had been very busy at home. Lots of noise and discussions...

Then, stopping what she was doing, checking to see if Maurice was oblivious to what she was saying, she continued, rolling her eyes… and she had to look after her husband. He was not feeling well… rubbing her left shoulder, she explained that her husband was paralysed at his left arm and kept insisting at driving…

Shaking her head, both hands over her ears, she continued: …he wanted her to give directions when he drives, and when she said turn here, her finger pointing to the left, he turned there ! pointing her finger to the right.

Bending as close to me as she could, her eyes wide open and in distress, she said “You understand me, don’t you”... … and I silently nodded yes.

Hum. I wonder what made her know I could relate to her predicament?

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