Vote for Me!


Vote for Me!

We hear and read about elections. Elections here, and there, and everywhere, and this reminds me of an election in Congo Brazzaville, a former French colony.

I do not remember if this happened just before or just after Belgian Congo became Zaire (now République Démocratique du Congo). All I know is that we were still there when the election across the mighty Congo River took place.

Since the majority of voters were illiterate the leaders of the various political parties decided to use symbols to identify their party. All I remember is one having chosen a Lion, and one having chosen a Bicycle. Continue reading

Unhooking Emotional Hooks


Dear Friend and Colleague,

Feeling stuck and unable to move forward, you contacted me wondering what to do so you could get on with your life.

As promised, here is a simple and effective exercise I learned from a healer and friend several decades ago. You may record it to monitor yourself through it, and remember my choice of words is directly related to the ease of pronunciation….

First, sit in a chair with a straight back. Continue reading

photo by: englishsnow