You are going places baby!

This landed in my Inbox the other day.

As I asked for permission to put it on my blog, here is what Lou answered:

…. As for the blurb you are welcome to use it. I wrote that myself after gleaning all the facts from various sources. I don’t think I need to be credited for it.

So, here it is!

::: If you don’t think your life is going anywhere, consider this:

At our latitude the Earth spins @ 800 km/h, the Earth orbits the Sun @ 107 000 km/h

The Solar System orbits the center of the Galaxy @ 70 000 km/h, the Milky Way moves @ 792 000 km/h

The Galaxy Cluster the Milky Way is in rotates around the center of the Universe @ 2 100 000 km/h.

That’s a total of over 3 million km/h or 850 kilometers per second, 1000x the speed of a .50 calibre sniper bullet.

You’re going places baby! :::



This is all about latrines.

his is all about latrines.

It is 2012.

As I was treated to an enjoyable visit to winery country in Hungary, I had the honour of spending the night in an old winery renovated as a little country inn. The inn keepers had vacated their very clean and cosy bedroom to allow me a single room with all the amenities.

It is usual in Europe to have the toilet in a very private little room, separated from the rest of the room, and this one was no exception. Behind the door was this toilet. Installing it there was an example of ingenuity, with a sink to wash your hands, and a little window for aeration. A very clean and private place. Looking at it, I understood how come French people call the latrine “Le trône” (the throne in French).

Getting up from toilet, I banged my head on the ceiling and carefully got down to check a gadget on the side of the toilet. Carefully manoeuvring the handle in two different positions, wondering how that could flush anything, I discovered the flushing button to push on the top of the water tank.

Keeping at a safe distance, as I was manoeuvring the handle at the side of the toilet, I remembered a friend explaining that in some hotels in Japan, one could find two buttons to push on the toilets: one to clean men’s bottoms, and one to clean women’s bottoms. Apparently the spray is a little different.

I can well imagine my reaction had I activated the gadget while still sitting on the toilet, a gush of ice cold water hitting my “derrière”. I would have hit the ceiling, that is for sure!

Back in Canada, as I was explaining my discovery during lunch, my friend explained she saw one like that a few years ago while vacationing in Mexico. There was one like that in one of her friends’ hotel room. After having used the facility, very adventurous in nature, and wondering what this was all about, face almost right into the toilet to check things out, she activated the gadget and got everything sprayed right into her face….



A lesson in mechanic


We had an interesting conversation  at breakfast this morning.

I was complaining to Maurice I had no idea about putting oil and/or gas in any of the equipment we have: brush cutter, chainsaws, gas lawnmower, riding gas lawnmower, and much, much  more.

To accommodate me, Maurice started a complicated explanation about a two cycle and a four cycle engine, going well over my head.

And then, the light came on and I said: Continue reading

Accident or Pleasure?



Having obtained all the necessary information to conduct a successful hypnotherapy session I invited my client to sit in the recliner.

Reviewing my notes as she made herself comfortable in the recliner my clients nicknamed “The Magic Chair”, I confirmed I noticed she was 15 years younger than her youngest sibling and said: Continue reading

Vote for Me!


Vote for Me!

We hear and read about elections. Elections here, and there, and everywhere, and this reminds me of an election in Congo Brazzaville, a former French colony.

I do not remember if this happened just before or just after Belgian Congo became Zaire (now République Démocratique du Congo). All I know is that we were still there when the election across the mighty Congo River took place.

Since the majority of voters were illiterate the leaders of the various political parties decided to use symbols to identify their party. All I remember is one having chosen a Lion, and one having chosen a Bicycle. Continue reading

Unhooking Emotional Hooks


Dear Friend and Colleague,

Feeling stuck and unable to move forward, you contacted me wondering what to do so you could get on with your life.

As promised, here is a simple and effective exercise I learned from a healer and friend several decades ago. You may record it to monitor yourself through it, and remember my choice of words is directly related to the ease of pronunciation….

First, sit in a chair with a straight back. Continue reading

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House for sale

I know of a Real Estate Agent who is presently dealing with 4 members of the same family. As I am observing the situation, it reminded me of a time when some years ago I was Real Estate Agent in the fair city of North Bay, in Northern Ontario, here in Canada.

Dealing with Italians has left me with some of my fondest memories of my years as a Real Estate Agent.

A young couple was engaged to be married. They were both born in Canada from Italian parents who had emigrated to Canada, and as dowry, the mother of the bride Continue reading

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Maurice, my Mother and the Gandu (Crocodile)

Photo by
After having published Bonanna nayo Mundele, I received the following e-mail from Patrick who I pushed in a stroller a little over 50 years ago while living in Léopoldville (Léo for short) now Kinshasa, in what used to be Belgian Congo

“I’ll admit I have to rely on my elders for anything related to lingala. My memories are limited to what would have attracted a 2-3 yr old boy in Léo – Rick bringing a croc in the back of his pick-up, the toys I got for  Saint Nicolas, etc.”


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